October 1, 2006 at 7:57 pm (Uncategorized)

Once more
just for the record
get up lazy bastard
grab a pen and go to work
no excuses.

Never going to happen
there are things stronger than outside pressure
and before I’ll give in
I’d cut myself into little amusing pieces.

I’m no genius
yes you are
never been
always been
well I doubt that
don’t deny it
this heart is mine
I decline
give me something like an ordinary life
what are you saying
stand above it
probably below that
blow up the middle
well just keep quiet
I won’t stop to shout
oh christ come on, relax and chill
you’ll chill when you are dead
but I’m going to live forever
lost the point

but I’m no genius
of course you are
never been
think about that
don’t want to
you cut out the truth
so what, everyone does
but you are not someone
probably no one
will you shut up
only if you do
forget that
same to you
not me
then why deny it? see all those fools
I’m one of them
don’t be a fool
will you shut up

use your fucking mind
you are not one standart idiot
accept it, stand up and give her a kiss!


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