old poems and stuff III

November 16, 2006 at 9:35 pm (rant)

Bang your gongs and fetch the horns
dance in the street and cut off your head
the evil one is dead
the dictator slain
the butcherer slaughered
and still there’s blood
dripping, flooding
the red way of keeping count
the plain method
of knowing when you’r right
and if you aren’t
just shoot some more
eventually someone willl prove
it was for a good course
even if it wasn’t.
Hey man that’s right
you are the boss now
forget the lousy predecessor
and murder on your own now
enjoy it
doesn’t matter what you do
and when you get killed eventually
hey that’s life
the idiots you impressed
will see that you are rememebred
and if they don’t
the bloodstains are a solid proof
so rest in peace
our glorius executioner.


I really hate it. Thinking about dictatorships and stuff makes me angry and sick. Everyone acts stupid, the masses and the dctator himself so eventually he gets killed or slaugthers himself while drunk.
And even if the dictator is not stupid and got into power by cunning and artful ways of killing other people, then they never do it right. They always end up murdering thousands. What is the point in that? Don’t mention fear. You don’t need to kill people, in fact, as a dictator you probably can’t afford to kill your own people, because you need them.
But that’s idle theory.

I went to the german historical musem somewhere in  June and I was… extremly touched. Again. I absorbed so much details about the nazi period it follows me into my dreams…
And when I see stuff in museum it’s… worse.
So see.. this was written after the visit:

dream III

they follow me
even trough my dreams
spirits of the past.

people getting

by men in uniform.
And these men are our heritage
the blood red mark of guilt
burned into our faces
expressing that
our ascendents shook hands with he
devil who’s inside every human being.
There’s blood of innocents
oozing from the past
drenching my, our hands.

And so I feel rotten and wish
you would be here now
as the source of comfort, of love
I need so much.


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