somethin’ new

November 17, 2006 at 7:10 pm (poem)

Here you go…

It’s dedicated to what I felt today during what I’m forced to call a conversation…

I can’t define what it is
can’t recognize the shape
but I see clearly what it means
even if my mind plays a trick on me
and it’s all a false impression-
there’s this wall in front of my
it’s polished surfce hiding
the mirrior it ought to be
a place of clear reflections
something calming and familiar
but it’s not
cold with an icy surface
and when I see now and then
eyes under the crust
I feel resentent
get the urge to run
scard off by the unfamiliar coldness
want to hide away
too much to bear
the force of confusion
because I don’t understand
and the cold bites into my skin
my heart.


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