creativity clash

November 19, 2006 at 2:42 pm (poem)

in misery
in constant fear
from empathy to apathy
a hard decree
which I can’t see
a falling down
a smile to a frown
and the nagging feeling
that all’s false
because it never was this way
I should have never doubted
but if it’s so
why am I mad
why am I sad
why is this voice screaming inside me
why can’t you silence it once and for all?


what are they for?
Just hanging there as if they where painted
and for us small people
so incredible meaningless.
Are you a star?
So far away
so shrouded in darkness
too far to reach
and possibly to cold to touch?
You are no star
but if you was
there would be no point
in living on earth.


a small volcano
everyone close in
dies by eruption time
no difference
no friend or foe
just people around
everyone get’s it
everyone dies in a blaze
and the remaining volcano
dies all by himself
the fire lost.
It won’t come to that
or will it one day?


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