November 29, 2006 at 9:22 pm (poem)

Done a few minutes ago.

Why does it has to happen?
Why always when
everything is fine?

There is just one single line
and I pick it up
twist it this way and that
and cut myself
even if it has neither lines
or barbs or splinters.

And so I stare
at the blood on my hands
confused why it’s there
and the smlie fades away.




  1. coldlight said,

    i hope you don’t mind me commenting on your posts, just think of me as your friendly neighbourhood spaceman; or some random blogger. if you do mind tell me and i’ll stop commenting. this post is quite dark and i’ve probably interpreted it the wrong way — i’m not very smart, i’m still figuring out the difference between there, their and they’re. i’m listening to radiohead whilst typing this comment, which seems appropriate. i don’t really know what i’n trying to say. nice blogging style; i enoyed the ‘volcano’ poem. my $4 and 55c worth is to try drinking more coffee…sorts out most of my problems. long black.

    thanks for the comment (insight, foresight, more sight). have a nice day.

  2. lisra said,

    How could I mind?
    I’m still gnawing at the same language problems…
    Radiohead seems appropriate 🙂

    It was meant rather dark. Dedicated to this kinda feeling when you are having a nice day and then you read something a friend said on irc/icq and suddenly you feel completly killed.
    Something like that. If that was close to your interpretation that good enough 😉

    I’ll appreciate any comment I get.
    enjoy your day.

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