service I

November 29, 2006 at 7:53 pm (poem)

‘specially for a friend, more poems…


spot – aim – fire
creeping up
check for life
make sure it’s dead
follow the the path
whatever it’s shaped
I bear her words in my mind
it’s not just a plead
it’s a something more for me
and I vow
and when I see
all the nasty things next to the path
I’ll simply walk on
there’s a target, a goal
not to fail
not to fall
not to drown
no matter how much it rains
like the song says.



Stand back
we are not dead
don’t intend to die
the gods and godesses in flesh and bone
spreading wings in wonderment
everyone’s hands stretched out
holding someone else
the wall of angels
still alive and back in the force
no need of drink and drink and drink and fight
everythig’s allright
I’m gonna be just fine
we are not alone
the music will go on and on and one
a different song
the same theme
same people
other threads
other challenges and different pasts
no gun to the hand
no army on the force
no fiend in the pit
just the sveven sleeping sins
a spread of wings
the journey to the sky



It’s done, once, twice and things did not change
yet anyway
and there’s no feeling of releief
no magic outbreak in telling
just another blow to the ehad
to the heart
awkward tension
in the end
are we doomed to repeat?
The last mistakes equal the next?
Fuck it
thank you
I love you all.


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