just fantasizing.

December 5, 2006 at 9:13 pm (poem)

Laugh with me when the light fades away
feel my stroke and be invited to stay
there might be nothing more to see and say
but is there anything else which gives any comfort
on your chosen way?

And why is it always dark
why is you open heart so black
why is you skin so cold
too frozen to touch
but to soft to ignore?

We have to walk beyond the void
with no other way at hand
but dare I ask why?

Sunlight won’t turn you to dust my love
nor me and our shared memories
would go on to live after dawn
so why all this fear?

You said something to me once what I can’t forget
on a distant beach when the rain nearly drowned us
so if you menat it
why are you afraid of the sun?


  1. coldlight said,

    i like this one. not as dark as the others. leaves some hope alive. that’s what’s needed in a good story, the possibility for things to change. our lives are also like story’s.

    i accidently cut my finger today, it’s quite difficult to type with my index finger now.

    darkness is not the opposite of light, it’s the absense of light.

  2. lisra said,

    Alas that’s a fact.
    I alway trief to leave a trace of light, hope or similar in my works, but it’s kinda hard of you arrange them towards you feelings, because humans tend to forget that the temporary sadness isn’t the end.
    But I try anyway.

    Thanks for commenting and best wishes for your little cut.


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