re-run without supply

December 5, 2006 at 1:28 pm (poem)

Ok, I decided I have time after all…

So here’s something to read.

Life is never that easy
it’s like you are some rotting corpse
posessed but vitalized
and blind because your eyes seized up.
And with no eyesight to guide you
you grab into the stinging nettles
grab into the pile of borken glass
although you know about the pain
and you really mind
but do nothing about it
because you love the pain
and it keeps you alive
and will – you sorry carcass-
until the wind turns you to dust.


devastating, mind numbing silence
the noiseless force which blows
through the empty space
and when it finally comes to you
the black hole for emptieness
it will tear you apart.
You’ll die on your own-
no noise
when your body hit’s the flooor
just silence.
you are finally dead.


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