restating itself in theads

December 5, 2006 at 1:30 pm (poem)

restating itself in threads


It’s all a strange blur again

I look into the mirror and see you

reflected in the blue of my own eyes

the sharp cut face the symbol of a knife

the one we both hold

and the one in my heart.


I stare into the deepest lake around

watch the sunlight break the surface

and like the rest my lips are dry

but I’m feeling that I’m drowning

the air is like water and stings my skin.


I watch the night sky’s familiar darkness

I feel the icy breeze

the fading

stars shine coldly back.

It’s like being smiled at through a window

you see and feel but can’t touch in return

and I fear that smashing the glass

would cut the face behind it.


Remaining out side, lapsing into silence

and as the smile fades away

I’m freezing to death.


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