cheer up?

December 8, 2006 at 9:55 pm (poem, rant)

As things go people get down. Sometimes they can’t get up again. This state is what we in the trade call ‘death’ and it’s quite difficult to get them better.

There are, however, people how could get up but have decided to stay on the ground for a while. This is what we call a depression, or mother fucking sadness and anxiety. So…

Iam no stranger to this field as you vae surly noticed. It is still hard for me to deal with people who get depressed more or less in front of me. It doesn’t have to be the one, but a close friend and it throws me off my own balance.

So this entry is not dedicated to no saint at all but to one of my friends in the background, one of the firm pillars a base my tangles with saints on… or something. Anyone else who’ll read this may as well just enjoy what I’ll write…

(hm, do not relate content to dedication; this would be a bit absurd)

Walkabout on a new surface

I can still feel the smell and taste

it will follow me forever

the mixture of ashes and dust

heat and intense grief

licking on the wood of the house like flames

not sparing a single feeling

not leaving one heart alone

and so I ran away

ran towards the bright new dawn

away from the burning night

and I never stopped stumbling,

ran until my muscles gave in

but see my friend

as I hit the ground I noticed something new.

There should have been coldness

but there I was

the moonlight on my skin

and I felt save again

the fire to far away

the screaming of all those hearts

died away like the sound of rain

and from the clods came a cheer

as I smiled once again.


something else

(otherwise dicated)

The day the mountain died

as the land became a plane

the river disappeared

the wind changed

the fields around it vanished

the people died on famine

so don’t you pass away

my solid mountain.


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