December 13, 2006 at 1:53 pm (rant)

Did I say something about things getting better? How wrong I was. It would take only a moment to finally kill myself if this sorta thing would be so lame to do. So, I don’t. And since I having a bit of trouble when it comes to religion there’s notelling what might come after death. So it’s best not to find out too soon, eh?

Anyway I feel completly wrecked for various reasons.



  1. coldlight said,

    Lisra. You have to pull yourself out of this. Only jerks feel sorry for themselves. Go for walks in the morning, it helps to settle the mind. Sorry for being blunt but this is like bi-polar.

    If everyone were to gather around a pot and pour all their problems into it, I still think you would take your own back rather than take a portion from the common stock. That is you know how to deal with your own problems.

  2. lisra said,

    The funny thing is, I know that. But getting the thing actually done is the hard which is both easy and hard.
    Gonna try.

  3. coldlight said,

    Good on ya!!


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