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December 16, 2006 at 2:49 pm (poem)

Just to get it written down. A couple of days old.

It’s just some thing really
both trivial and dramatic
how nice it would be to say
death in the head
decay in my heart
but oddly enough
this is not true.
Just in a way.
And hell wouldn’t it be pointless
to write down all this anger
mostly at myself
since Iturned myself blind for the truth
which was always there
unseen – unwanted
so when I was forced to realize
it blew a lot away.
And yeah so I’m mad
feeling for a drink and a fight
but this is all pointless.
‘I can’t live without heer
so I won’t even try’
reel big fish once sang
and this is quite true
-a pathetic truth-
so, my sister in mind, my friend
I hope as soon as we meet again
I can smile for you again
my dearest friend.


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