December 20, 2006 at 6:00 pm (Uncategorized)

See my senses all stretchin’ outwards
see the glimmer of hurt aphexity* in vain
no story of my life
just the last chapter so far.

this is probably the part where I should scream
where I should really tell what’s on my mind
this is the moment where it all falls apart
and places itself together again.

Listen how my voice has changed since we talk the last time
notice how I avoid your gaze
it was always something nice to see
but now the ice means freezing and fear
not the familiar crystalblue glow
and yet still the same.

this out to be the sencond where I scream
the moment where I cry
but what’s the point to fall apart?
Tears don’t put out fires
screams don’t drown the heartbeats noise
so easy there
just fixed my gaze
all thorugh this maze
so no hard feelings anymore
enough of them already.

But if things crack
the surface breaks
and I turn out to be alone again

it would be the moment where I scream.


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