stories not for christmas

December 24, 2006 at 12:43 pm (poem, rant)

I wish all of the readers a nice christmas, no matter how it’s done.

Anway, this stuff was done in the last couple of days at school. And it’s still about the same topic, as you’ll undoubtly spot. I begin to dislike it. What’s the use of trying to get over something if your imagination keeps on annoying you with suff like this? Sorta depressing, eh? You think you made up your mind and then while you are walking home it jumps from a dark sidestreet and screams HYPOCRITE and you shrink and relaize fuck that I really am. That’s definetly not a good point to start with. And then it punches you in the face, kicks your ribcage while shouting crazy in-love idiot and all you do is lying and then it takes your money and walks away whistling yankee-doodle.

Sometimes I scare myself.

time was like a river turned all red
the heartbeats pressure
which is you.

Future is a spiked wall far too close
it will hurt me
and so will you.

my head is spinning
all is blurred
a look for comfort
I need you.

Distance is the thing right in between
a cause to smile at
a reason to frown.

And I just want to smile again
since it’s my fault
and not yours.

Do be the one one who I trust
’cause I will be there
and so will you.

(any relation to a certain covenant song is accidential)


I got an idea. Check this blog in the next few days.



  1. Sera said,

    Ey, Lis

    I won’t say “What’s up, life goes on” and I know it doesn’t help much to tell you, that I think, I can understand…

    I just wish you some funny hours today, some luck and a time, as good as possible.
    And let the people try to bring a smile back on your face…

    Excuse my bad english once again,

  2. lisra said,

    I appreciate that very much, Sera…

  3. JWG said,

    I’ve made a thread (for you)… šŸ˜‰

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