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December 27, 2006 at 2:27 pm (music)


-What are these guys?
They are from sweden. Five suspicious looking guys, although ot so rough looking as some metal bands 😉

-So, what music does Katatonia make?
Hard to tell. From the subjects inside their songs it’s mostly doom metal, thus being basically metal with a very sad, depressive and/or hopeless attitude focussing on loss, angst, paranoia, death and so on.

The thing about katatonia is their very broad variety of music. Some songs really feel like doom but some are… let’s say alternative, or even rock. They have influences of Jazz, rock and even blues in their songs and, that is important, always very clean vocals.

Their style changed during their career. he began, I think, as gothic/death metal nad rose to this… avandgarde band  they are now.

-What of there works do I own?
Two albums and some songs from the others.
viva emptieness (2003)
-the great cold distance (2006)

I can sincierly recommend them.


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