January 8, 2007 at 7:06 pm (poem)

Inspiration and a great deal of the ‘rythm’ came from ‘talking to a brick wall’ by the cooper temple clause.

today is going to be hell
tomorrow will be hell too.

I always think things that kill me
eventually silence my soul.

The ice looks so cold and so do you my dear
but that’s just the way you look.

It’s in the depth of your gaze
it’s the fists that you clench
you look blurred dearest friend
and what will it be in the end
all of those memories I have
I keep as secure I can
and with the stop of the clock
I simply quit to explain
shove all those feelings aside
don’t mind th epain raising up
just walk along behind you
hate the new phase of life
so the next search it will be
to smile happy again.


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