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January 24, 2007 at 12:11 pm (poem)

see clearly my twin
my head is not bowed
my heart is not broken
and I may love you
but never mind such details
just give a mark
I’m blind y’know
and forgetful
please tell me you are there


Bad intentions? killed away
just the sleep I wanted
betrayed me again
can’t face my dreams
they build up fear
they invent lies and insults
but why?

I will never hate you my friend
but the night always brings a dream
makes me afraid
tells me to fight
but why?

Come back into my sight
dispel my doubts.


hate runs away
just emptiness again
rejoice my dear
I’m dead again
visit your grave soon


Call upon
gravel is the heart
every beat may hurt again
the cry to make
caught in a throat
strangled from within.
When hands can’t grasp
nothing that won’t harm
when it even hurts to see
to open these eyes again…
why is the memory blocked?
why this shadow in my head?
my saint please come to me…


stand aside
we all got spoiled again
between accusations and faults
hatred and awe
people gave themselves a leader
not for us
but for everyone caught
outside their heads
and the one’s with the inner pain
won’t be tolerated anymore
and to fulfill a madman’s dream
of a world he calls pure
we all will be cleased away
because he and they are blind.


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