February 4, 2007 at 8:50 pm (poem)

face behind smoke blackened glass
claws against the wodden wall
scratched marks from another mind
traces left to find.

Empty streets is what’s there to see
deserted, left for the scavenging clouds
steps come closer, disturbing the silence
watch the figure’s walk.

Lines are spread across the face
waht’s left of the lost years except
the beat of the heart
goes on and on despite the cold.

Behind the smoke blackened window
the claws grip the windowsill
they belong now to a corpse
died when the first man for years approached.

Silence reigns except his breathing
the eyes all lost in drug-forced mist
no face behind the windows any more
claws and owner lying on the floor.

With a sigh he pulls out his syringe
injects his death in a small amout
eyes cross and breathing lapses
they both die in solitude
unaware of the other’s presence
could lived on for some time together
didn’t, died and now they rot
silence reigns again.


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