on the scratch

February 9, 2007 at 4:56 pm (rant, Uncategorized)

It’s all a bit messy without actually being messy at all, if you get my drift. And this blog suffers under this as well. The major point is, most stuff I post here are poems and they only happen when I have some major emotional thingy, in any direction, be it up or down and atm it’s like a stright really boring line.

But to look on the bright sight, conveniant reader, the next crisis will happen, that’s certain 😉

To fill the black hole in this blog, I’ll revive the ‘music’ thingy I started with a post about katatonia featuring a rant about Opeth. Stay tuned for this.

If you want poems, find me a woman who can make my life either good or bad, the equation comes out the same way 😉



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