March 27, 2007 at 4:12 pm (Uncategorized)

steps concealed and the breath so silent
making out what’s in the shadows ahead
the moonlight shines faintly through the concave dome
why all these mirriors in the library?

no sound escapethe lips as the blade glides across
anciet wood spoiled with drips of blood
as time passes it all dries up
skind and floor, it’s all the same.

pathetic sighs as pages get turned
the same dark thoughts written ages ago
nothing special is what’s haunting the dreams
just another bright eyed freak
can’t admit what’s bothering him
the pain so alien to the one’s he loves
or so he thinks.

caught between the words of the books and his head
like he doesn’t know what he’s doing
already born behind the borderline
proposition’s so easy when done alone in a room
so why all those stupid tears
because he’s listening to himself.

standing up and playing with a lighter
throwing it away along the the blade
head between the heads and agony without any pain
can’t sleep and can’t sink into the misery
the blue eyes behind him burning the urge to give in
so another night where the steps are concealed
random movement through the library but never leaving the head
can’t decide what is real and what is a thought
which ideas to pursuit what which to dream

self-pity a banished thing
the mirrors passed without a glance
dawn shows up high in the dome
leave it at that for now
plenty of nights to come and live through
although I’d rather sleep.


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