June 30, 2007 at 11:29 am (poem)


post-graduate in contradicting
what would be sensible.
turning into someone
I never thought I had to be again
and I don’t
so, face in the mirror
explain your sad expression
this sensless pain
I can’t
most brilliant, freak
what’s the matter with you anyway
can’t bear when a road twists for a while
pitiful way
don’t weep in front of a mirror
sheer waste of time
everything’s still there
hand and eyes
it’s all far away
so far away
don’t let it get to you
don’t show a thing
did this once
it left some scars
never again
so here it comes
can’t help myself
it hurts
but believe me when I say
it doesn’t look like this
but I feel happy for you
somewhere inside
greet you with a smile.

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