June 30, 2007 at 11:31 am (poem)


It getting darker outside
night and the scents it bears moves in
and I have to think of you
or so I’m told
and I have to be pathetic again
spoiling paper with dark blue ink
simply to tell all those
people who’ll never see you alive
how beautiful you’r supposed to look
and I imagine your chuckle
because my dear you know
there’s no point in telling them
because there’s nothing to tell
nothing to describe with forced-out words
nothing which would have any meaning to them.
They have never looked into your eyes
and felt the coldness within
never touched the skin and felt
the tension underneath
nor did they see you move so quickly
dodged your blows and blocked your kicks
there is no point in telling them
you will remain a shade for them
hiding from the sun.



the sky high above shines azure blue
it makes me sick it’s far to pleaseant
where’s all this fire I like in a sunset
washed away for a panorama view
so pale and bleak
and my steps make a noise which hurts in my head
where the voices fight to be heard
and as much as anything I would
turn deaf for them
but they are what I am
so there’s no other way
then to accept their whispering
because silence
is embracing death
and this may be the only life i’ve got
so please don’t mind
it’s a nice piece of ground where I’m lying
and I use my sword for support it’s no big deal
just a second more and I’ll get up
so please wait
or give me a hand
it would make no difference
or would it?

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