June 30, 2007 at 11:32 am (poem)


(for m, not c)

see the pictures running past
daytime boredom given form
you hang in the dark of my head
leaving your traces across
the scared surface
my skin is dry as I slump to the side
nothing has happened
just a flaw
the urge to loose the thought
arisen and gone
but I remember
where are you now
I need you now.



sadly disfigured haze in front of my eyes
heat runs from my skin
thoughts tied together so hard that it hurts
when it will unwind?
the summer cloaks everything in warmth
yet when I’m away I’m cold
she tells me that I can’t comprehend
maybe it’s true
but I know what I feel
but it’s not done so easily
blood remains the same color for me
yet there is no reason to spill
anything except a tear in solitude
sinking in on the keyboard made
of the desire to see
what is beyond this wrds
I can’t understand
becuase if there’s anything right now I want
it’s the strengeth to see behind the fever
walk across the room again
wearing the smile so bright
I want to hold her and tell her
it’s no your fault
and if she does not believe me
what else can I do
dearest being say again
why does it hurt so much
and why am I afraid?

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