starting again

June 30, 2007 at 11:28 am (poem, rant)

Dear non-existing readers:

due to a lack of spirit and stuff I didn’t use this blog for some time and I don’t know if I will in the future. For now I’ll just post what I wrote since my last post. Just keep checking if you exist 😉




when I said it it was right
yet wrong and twisted
a lie in bed with truth
spinning away in the arisen thought
I can’t tell ’cause you’ll know
so everything was true and false
smile and frown are one in my bearings
you keep it up from time to time
you’ll understand when I tell you
switched off torch in the dark
please wipe the non-existing tears
from my cheek and say again what i already know
because the mirror tells me to forget
and lend me your strength
to smash it into little fragments
one shard will be a gift to you.



the stars failed to glow again
she whispered as she touched the cheek
caressed the neck below
gripped a shoulder with some care
but the world twisted slightly away
there was nothing the lips could touch
cold and empty space
the shadows hesitated to lick away her tears
so she sat on her knees in solitude
whishing she could tear the sky apart.

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