keeping up… again

August 13, 2007 at 2:26 pm (poem)

Time for some more posts… I’ve been writing again in the last month so here it is… for anyone who strolls by 😉

2.7.07 10:00


voices from a far to pleasant realm
of catatonic numbness
calling it a day
of dissolving bonds
and the dark cry above
a hushed voice
tells me it is true
someone alive shares (the) sorrow
not alone
dissolving bonds
may lead to new
so cry again
I hit repeat
before it changes to ghost of the sun
yet another outcry
against betrayal
I’m not alone
someone is with me
even if it’s just
a black record


viva emptiness

deceived from course
stalemate guy walks through greyness
fallen colums, pirde of man mark the way
it has no reason
he’s there without a choice
begging (for) silence
noise makes up the vast hell.
the one he thought he knew
passed the landscape long ago
grey and shades of black
lost the horror, became one
white is everything once
the border is crossed and
serenity kills his darkness but
for now he walks through debris
crushing it under his feet
since anger is the only force
surviving in the endless city
glass and steel
sky fallen apart
start to sing


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