posting teh olde… 1

August 15, 2007 at 2:13 pm (poem)


sorry for being quiet
not really reacting
but be told
I note what you say
make room in my heart
it may just appear
that I’m blind
I’m not
I’m just me again
black wings keep flapping
and if you get hurt by the wind
then know it’s not what I want
but what I want
I don’t know
just watch me
maybe you’ll know someday
when I’m done with everything



telling myself this
and the contradiction
is forced down my throat
makes me sad to write
because people take part in this
who should have never been touched
by what I have to say
and even when I write it down
I feel it is wrong
I need them
yet I can’t tell
what I think
it hurts
when I’m thinking it
and maybe it’ll hurt them
when I say it
I just don’t know what to do
should I talk
give birth to new fear
scare away the ones I love
or should I keep quiet
until I break
for the sake of breaking?
Why am I even
considering to be quiet?
saint come from you realm
beloved look at me
follower tell me again
where are you three?
you are all here
but I can’t
feel your hearts.


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