posting teh olde… 4

August 25, 2007 at 12:25 pm (poem)


or what is it?
whatever it is
it’s inside me now
and I couldn’t do
anything but get
liquid down my throat and it
enhanced the feeling
but tomorrow
I know I will be sorry
feel bad
not smiling
for her
for you
and I will be
but for now I’m grinning
feeling that my fist could crush a world
and so it’s quite alright
for this happy moment
of dizziness
or somehting
I don’t know
I don’t know anything
I just wish
that when I’m so happy
I could lie somewhere
and hold you in my arms
so you would be happy as well
but I don’t know where you are
hope you are well
my love
in this moment
a god smiles on me
maybe tomorrow I’ll cry
will cut myself
or do something stupid
for now I’m happy
I hope you are happy as well
the only human being
I’d kill for
my love
my little savior
my herald of joy
or something
can’t even think straight
everything is blurred and distorted
but you know what I mean
kiss your memory
never forget
sweet one so far away
I love
love you

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