October 15, 2007 at 9:27 pm (music)

on the subject of doubt

(written today)

doubt moves
fluffy little wings
and, what’s that
did I see a knive?

on my shoulder it sits
little scaly dragon
his name is Tvilsom
sounds vaguely nordic to me

it never stops whispering into my ears
it adds depth to meaningless details
I feel doubt in my head
seeds of a conflict

‘that’s not what she meant’
I say and stare ahead
but it pricks me suddenly
cuts into my skin

this little wingéd creep
chase it away from my shoulder
I don’t want to hear
it’s false tales.



  1. Leitha said,

    forever keeping us company, these damn tiny demons, hu?
    but it wouldn’t be the same without their whispering voices, would it?
    yet anyway, don’t pay too much attention to its advices, it’s a rather selfish beast, living from doubts and pain… or at least the demons I’ve known could be described like that. Could be possible that you’ve got one of the sort, too ^^
    Good luck

  2. lisra said,

    We can confidently rule out the ‘could’. As more or less always.

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