October 21, 2007 at 6:21 pm (poem)

Interesting why this isn’t posted yet. Maybe I thought it was too private. Then again what isn’t here? And as I read it again I realize it isn’t clear who I am adressing. That’s good. Really. Because if someone feels spoken to, they are (quite possibly).


watching from the place I was banished to
the place where I belong
the movents you all make a screenplay somedays
I find it difficult to find my role
yet it’s easy to spot
who fucks up the script
not only breaks parts
but the actors behind it
their souls are masks
and they die with their role
of wings of selcusion
I glide above
and my heart is with all of them
the figures in my life
those who matter
looking from this place
I see you breaking apart
and I’m away
was send there
but your tears make me say it again
call me and I’m there
for you and for all
black wings will cover you
bury the pain under them
and if that’s what you want
I’ll kill everyone who stands between
you and peaceful sleep .


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