October 23, 2007 at 11:16 pm (poem)

black cloth the shelter
covering up what was in the past
wounded so often
no slowly healing
yet unaware of recent smiles
with sickness of my body the
shrieks are getting louder again
demanding a prize for a moment of peace
and I should walk now
let them remain their and blindly
hunt my shadow yet
at this time of night there is
not enough strength to walk away
wings are restless
won’t flap in anger
just standing in blackness
wearing it
to protect this fragile skin
to protect hope
are you there as well
somewhere in all this
if I’d just run
would I find you
listening for footseps and watching the moon
I think I know
but as much as it protects
it restricts
feeling suffocation
can’t scream the voices down


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