in l. 1

October 29, 2007 at 3:16 pm (poem)


stillness and the covers warmth
night’s darkness like another blanket
this place should be so cosy
yet it’s often place for pain
in the moments before sleep takes me
thoughts unwind
memories unfold
and everything they do is hurt.

Sometimes I imagine how it’d be
to hear your voice right there and then
and I dream It’d hold me back
save me from another wound
and then I wish I could
just turn around and see you there
hold you till there’re no more tears
or shivers, cries or cuts.
bittersweet thoughts
since you’re so far
yet close

I’ll never call it a dream again
’cause dreams as whises
never come true
but for the pity life I hold
I want this to come true.


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