November 10, 2007 at 6:35 pm (poem)

moving around a certainty
based on nothing else but words
and feelings
fullfilling this call
because I believe
like I did in goddesses before
but sometimes love is propaganda
in it’s careless television sleep
the sleeper needs a reminder
pictures staring at him
so he may never forget
when his brain acts out of turn
and his heart feels lonly
so in ignorance and pain
I might ask you soon
are you there
do you love me
ignore it
there is no doubt
temporarly distorted views
just say yes
it will be fine

seeds need water
trust needs talking if
there can’t be any touch
for a while.



  1. Leitha said,

    just wanted to state that I know exactly what you mean with the last four lines…
    just remember; it’s only for a while, and when (finally) the while is over, it’ll be even better…. ; )

  2. lisra said,

    Thank you dear friend. I keep faith…

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