February 14, 2008 at 9:43 pm (poem)

I wanted to comemorate some people.


let’s just take a minute to reconsider
all the past events
and let us smile at odd mistakes
and useless brought up pain.

communication – what a mess-
is never to be trifeld with
yet all we did with stunning will
was to blur it even more.

who needs a simple sentence
we’ve got poems and songs
stories and hints
to dress shyness or shame or guilt or pain
in trendy denim letters.

and in the two years
different actors stubled across this field
we never ceased to be
what we undoubtly are
and go on with the vagueness
the complex pattern making
sometimes painful
or simple bliss.

was it worth it everyone
I’d never dream you all to ask
cause there’s no doubt it was
for now things shine
brightly in the lunar light
and she and me we smile
and I hope you unnamed souls
of importance to the play of life
can smile with us all night.

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