February 14, 2008 at 9:44 pm (music)


hallsized silence fails to cascade
it’s what you crave
silence in your head
ceasing to bleed
stopping to cry
finding some sleep
yet acid is injected
into you every day
and you feel like you’re breaking
enduring constant decay
and I keep on listening
automatic responses
eyes set to calm but
invisible of course
lines are created
pictures are drawn
my head is getting drained
and all of your troubles
all of the pain
just keep on coming
just keep on coming
I can’t give a gust
force to push away dust
cause it’s painted on
and you bought the ink
and you call me a liar
a friend or just nothing
depends on your problem
and I feel I’ve seen them all
are you really trying
do you really fight
is it easy to use me
is it why you keep coming
what am I supposed to do
you keep on talking
you are not alone
so many people
fight for room in my head


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