March 4, 2008 at 3:00 pm (poem)


familiar split
don’t want to listen
mirror faces talk again
whispering anyway
nothing but
sad freak
all along
fakeing to lagh
at constant failure
not measuring up
to anything really
yes but, I say
willing to argue
the deaf ears I reach
my own
just capable of
lying on the floor
unable to even cry
not again
not ever again
there was a promise
I’ll never break
pushing up on the elbows
blinking into artficial light
I smile because of you
never mind
mirror faces
but can you
smash the glass for me?
I’m afraid of cuts.


1 Comment

  1. leitha said,

    I’d throw a stone
    if I was meant ^^

    familiar topic of yours, nice to know you found a way to get up ; )

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