March 13, 2008 at 8:49 pm (poem)

from this secluded place
bathing in dead light
I imagine how sundown collapses
feeding everyone alike
pushing tension away
pulling minds up to the sky.
are you feeling well tonight
no word has reached me
did you wish it’d stop tonight
that sleep would catch you unprepared
and keep you for a so long time
caressing without questioning
numbing, not demanding.
did you look at the stars tonight
or watched a candle burn
did the never muted whispers
stay as spiteful company.
not much to know
not much to tell
just two lifes, side by side
distracted, devoted, dissected
yet somehow
never ceasing
still connected
never mind how many dawns
rise up and fall apart
the bond if one can call it that
will keep us in place
and sometimes we both realize
we are looking at the stars tonight
for better and for worse.


  1. Leitha said,

    : )

  2. Leitha said,

    god… these smileys are … notquiteasbeautifulasihoped…

    I like that one, but I guess you already thought so ^^

  3. lisra said,

    I fixed the damn smiley away..

  4. Leitha said,

    thanks a lot ^^

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