April 19, 2008 at 8:56 pm (poem)

figure ‘s walking through the dark
the moon gives the walls a glint
they belong to a labyrinth
formed by the progress in life
by the every passing second.
from time to time the figure stops
I feel I’m stuck in it’s head
and maybe so are you.
distant voices and their echoes
the cold white light above
and knowing nothing but
you’ll have to get through
makes it oh so hard.
maybe the exit is a lie as they say
and it’s the best deal just to stop
walking and embrace
what melts all the doubts
to follow the voices
into a handy shade.
the moon cries for it’s children
they are lost within
what their life bred but
have we ever considered
that the voices are lying to
that there are no walls
and we can go where we wantbut we are afraid
the walls seem so hard and cold
so we rather stand still
freezing and alone.


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