July 21, 2008 at 9:05 pm (poem)

past and future observed through a cracked window

past imp is always grinning
showing liquor rotten teeth
boasting torn skin and reddened eyes
familiar looking beast.
it looks for allies
no one is willing
but the devious always find
a crack for searching claws.
glimmers of another past
surround  those freezing eyes
keep away from her
stop painting extra clouds
this sky belongs to a dream;
a dream forever gone yet possible
containing more loving pain than ever
it should not be dreamed again
yet different pain connects
and time is running, always running
what will be the color of the wall
after we watched us crash
cause there is nothing we can do
cause soul ‘d die trying
and change is coming anyway
fearful tears and warming smiles
will be our welcome gift.


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