September 29, 2008 at 2:54 pm (Uncategorized)

During the last years I’ve discovered three universal and blabla definitive truths:

1.) religion is like fanta

2.) love is like the communist world revolution

3.) martial arts are like shopping at IKEA

I hope you were enlightened as well.



  1. leitha said,

    #3 I understand, partially – aber was sind dann die Hackfleischbaellchen, und welchen Moment wuerdest du als zur-Kasse-kommen bezeichnen? Wo ist das Kinderparadies ? ^^

    #2… keine Ahnung, und das erste.. eh.. oO

  2. lisra said,

    #2 the revoulution creates its own enemies by being a revolution and is therefor automatically justified. just like the existence of love justifies a lot

    #1 “spass ist was ihr drauß macht”

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