November 5, 2008 at 9:36 pm (poem)


lack of sensation

the feeling of not being

left alone and always seeing

familiar faces on the eyelid screen

inner TV giving scene

lover, friend it surely has to be

a joke that I am cut away

from both and that I’m just repeating

things I do not even need to say.



  1. leitha said,

    now wouldn’t it be nice to live in the same city? xD

    I still got that thought ’bout buying a boat an’ living on it with everyone important to me in my head, but so far just one person said yes…
    what about you? ^^

  2. lisra said,

    Hey, we already decided to buy an island and grow.. I think it was bananas. Dear, your memory is a bit dazzled, eh? ; )

    But a boat is fine too.

    And yeah, it would be nice. Really nice.

  3. leitha said,

    Now… an island actually IS better.

    Wir könnten ne Kommune draus machen, irgendwas, was sich selbst trägt…
    Finden sicher ne Menge Menschen, die dabei mitmachen würden und die wir auch dabei haben wollen würden xD

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