August 24, 2009 at 6:58 pm (music, rant, zitiert)

Wrote something in my german blog. Read it here.

On another note, I deepend my love-hate relationship with Anathema. It is always disconcerting when a mere songtext hurts. But like all good depressive bands there are sparks between the darkness and one of them is that from their song “release”.

Behind those grey and lonely eyes
Unforgotten by time
Reality is dawning
Our spirit is awakening
And somewhere in the hurricane
Hope is waiting
Crying in the distance
And calling out your name

I won’t quote the rest of the song, if you’re interested, listen to it. For me it is the story of two people broken (of course) and somewhat connected (of course) but not through the events that broke them. It is a reminder that time can heal and that at the end a better future (emotionally, in this case) will dawn. You just have to go on.

Pity it’s never that easy.

(And yes, all this was simply because I have nothing in english to publish^^)

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