September 12, 2010 at 11:13 am (poem)

through the thin veil of wine
I glance at pictures gone
what am I looking for
remembrance sits down sighing
the arms are cold
so many things have happened
I’m not the same anymore
nothing is the same anymore
stars tell me to sleep
remembrance whispers what I now know
I somehow miss you too


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September 12, 2010 at 11:13 am (poem)

I wrote these in late 2006 on the back of bustickets while waiting at city hall for something and having a fever. Guess it shows in the lack of coherence and stuff.

went where the black roses grow
gripped a stem and broke it off
felt the smell and the thorn’s harm
couldn’t help but smile
carried the flower away
??sure through the white
valleys never meant to be seen
sunlight nowhere to be felt
awa?? thirst beyond the grasp
no hand left free
died inside a city of glass
burned by the sun’s pale ghost
a kiss by a sleeper
the desire unfulfilled


stand aside
we got spoiled again
between accusations and guilt
hatred and awe
someone created a leader
not to us
to everyone caught
outside their heads
and the inside pain
won’t be tolerated anymore
to fulfil a madman’s view
of a world he calls pure
we will be locked away
because he and they are blind


I want to smile
for me, for you
and to do
it all on my own
hell is this silence

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