nighttime observations through the eyes of a plushie

January 19, 2012 at 1:24 pm (poem)

under pale fake light he balances a glass
it holds some warmth within to give
itself up with every sip
pushing sneaky sleep

one hand pressed effortless
a book onto the table
pages scream their secrets out
imaginary wars distract

a finger bends the string with ease
raises the note in pitch
to drop it back where it belongs
into the melodic stream

from their shelves they look in silence
leopard, cat and mouse
observing all the things he does
while he’s still awake

within his heart he keeps a girl with love
we see her now and then
and with conviction say indeed, we know this girl is you
and when we’d ask him, is it true
he’d say with you, in love, is me

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