Do you still..

December 26, 2014 at 1:10 am (poem) ()

smog can’t leave and chokes the streets
it sure is November
when I drove through the cold
I couldn’t help but remember

You said it just happens
been like it for years
But more years have since past
Do you still cry at christmas?

Have the ghosts all been silent
The pain gone away
The emotions less violent
All calmer today

You said it means nothing
They’re just random tears
So I never did ask you
Why you cried at christmas

Time sure keeps grinding
Maybe that was your luck
a small silver lining
in now growing up

Collateral damage
But I hope you did manage
To evade losing passion
Adult empty shell
For we all lose some sparks
From the youth we so hated
Grow blunted or jaded
Are grownups the real us
Or youth the true self
Much more intense

Just aimless thinking
The question remains
I just simply call you
Do some catching up

You said it is alright
The demons in check
With everything around just right
You now smile at christmas

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